How do you get grounded?

We love talking with our herbalists to hear their different perspectives. We all have so much to learn from each other, and this is a great way to spark conversation. These answers might spark something within you to try something new or connect with one of these amazing healing practitioners.

Kristen TimchakKristen Timchak

With simple routines — waking up early, taking walks in nature, doing my yoga practice. Massaging myself with warm oil (or receiving an abhyangha from an Ayurvedic Practitioner). Taking time for myself to read, write, listen to music and be creative.


 Alanna WhitneyAlanna Whitney

4.7.8 breathing (magical!), grounding scents and infused oils (I love firs for this), sending roots down into the earth, and making Me-time…. Deliberate and conscious self care and creature love (my 2 dogs and cat). Prayer and meditation, honoring the sacredness of all the in between places and slipshod moments.

Ashlee Sakaishi GriffithsAshlee Sakaishi Wilkin

Eat food regularly so my blood sugar stays balanced — ample oils and protein. Warm milk spiced with ghee at night before bed. Yoga in the a.m. or a nice long walk. Self massage with warm oils. Evening sadhana when I light a candle, utilize a healing mantra, and take time to reflect on my day and my goals. Time to rest. Time in nature. Cooking with love. Receiving massage, nourishment, and love.

Monica TomasiMonica Tomasi

I love to ground out with ashwagandah warm milk before bed. Also I love to put a dab of jatamasi essential oil on the feet and crown chakra. I love listening to Tara Brach; she has a podcast and is author of Radical Acceptance. She has 30 minute mindfulness guided meditations which are so calming and healing to the emotional heart.

Juju UrcisJuju Urcis

Meditating with the image of myself as a stone in the middle of rapidly moving water, sitting still and centered and breathing deeply. Sometimes I will recite the people and things that I am grateful for to get a better perspective of where I am with life. Dousing my body in sesame oil with or without essential oils from toe to head is also very nourishing and grounding.

Jahwei Chen-GrafJahwei Chen-Graf

Being out in nature helps me ground. Literally walking or sitting on the earth…. Meditation and deep breathing for even 5 to 10 minutes during a busy day can also help me center myself. Eating nourishing protein-rich meals helps me stabilize blood sugar levels, and being regular with sleep rhythms helps too.



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