Last Chance: Floracopeia Oils and Resins

HAALo is now carrying some exclusive Floracopeia oils and blends and they won't be around forever.

nolongeravailableSunrise is a men's fragrance made with Pure Essential Oils diluted in a base of Jojoba Oil,  and is designed to be applied directly to the skin. Sunrise is a refreshing blend that combines the citrus notes of Lemongrass and Neroli with the purifying, woody notes of Muhuhu and the earthiness of Vetiver as its base. Inspired by the energy available to us at Sunrise, this natural fragrance can be worn anytime for a light, soft fragrance. Citrus oils are known for their uplifting qualities that offer clarity of thought and enhance positive emotions. Muhuhu and Vetiver have a cooling, grounding property that brings balance and harmony to the mind and body.

Fields Essential Oil Blend is a complex blend of medicinal oils with grassy herbaceous notes of African bluegrass oil, rich geranium notes of palmarosa essential oil, fresh citrus notes of lemongrass oil, wild ginger oil notes of kapur kechari, and pungent medicinal notes of blue mountain sage oil. We recommend using this diffuser blend with a Floracopeia Illumamist Difuser.

Geranium "Zdravetz" (Geranium macrorrhizum) is rare and exotic, and one of aromatherapy’s fragrant secrets. Unrelated to the more common floral geranium species, Zdravetz essential oil is thick, waxy and crystalline, and exudes an earthy green-herbaceous essence that is tinged with notes of rose. A potent aphrodisiac, it blends beautifully with other more volatile oils, thereby permitting a remarkably rich and ranging aromatic profile. This beautiful specimen is organically cultivated in Bulgaria.

Keora Attar (Pandanus Odoratissimus) was considered the scent of the pandanus flower one of India's finest by the Moghul emperors. The white infloressences of this tropical tree are traditionally distilled to create an attar with a diffusive sweet, hyacinth, honey-like fragrance that is balanced by the soft warmth of sandalwood oil.


limitedSamphire (Cristhmum maritimum, Organic Corsica) is a unique and little known essential oil. The oil is distilled from the aromatic leaves of plants growing on cliffs above the ocean on the island of Corsica.

Niaouli is an organic niaouli oil from Madagascar and comes from a relative of Tea Tree. It has a sweeter yet more antiseptic fragrance, and can be used in addition to or in place of Tea Tree, with less tendency to irritate the skin.

Rose Otto is hydrodistilled at low temperature from freshly picked roses from the majestic Damascus rose. Widely used in emotional healing and with broad therapeutic uses, this regal oil is also one of the cornerstones of natural perfumery. Rose Otto is from Bulgaria comes this rich, nourishing, sensual and exquisite organic rose oil, tinged with notes of spice and honey.

Nettle and Copaiba Codistilled Oil is a codistillation of fresh nettles leaves and copaiba oil. These two ingredients both have long histories of use for benefitting the skin and supporting healthy inflammatory responses.

Essential Oil Kit

eokitChampa  is distilled into the soft wood notes of fine sandalwood. A beautiful feminine perfume from India. The champa tree grows to 100 feet in a pyramidal shape. When in bloom it is covered with thousands of fragrant golden blossoms. Because of its immense beauty and fragrance it is considered sacred, and planted near temples.

Tuberose offers a rich, deep and soft floral fragrance. Perfect and exotic on its own, it can also be used as a base note when combined with other softer fragrances such as jasmine. With an exotic and enticingly rich floral fragrance, tuberose infused perfume captures the unique fragrance of this tropical treasure.

Neroli fills the air with sweet citrus and floral notes that instantly uplift and bring to mind the care-free days of summer. Neroli Infused Perfume is sure to delight all who encounter this sophisticated and refreshing natural perfume.

Night Blooming Jasmine captures the heavenly aroma of jasmine and is easily used to enhance attraction. Famous for enhancing romantic moods, jasmine is an exotic, aromatically appealing fragrance that contains therapeutic and fragrant characteristics nearly impossible to find elsewhere in the plant kingdom.

Rose Petal is a unique offering of the finest pure Rose Petal absolute and 100% pure, organic Jojoba. Rose Petals have a vast history of their use in perfumery. Rose perfume is a timeless, essential perfume for everyone.




Deluxe Floracopeia Incense Resin Collection


The Deluxe Floracopeia's Incense Resin Collection includes 1 sample size Frankincense Carterri resin, Frankincense Frereana resin, Black Copal resin, Myrrh resin, Pinon Pine resins, and Palo Santo Wood Shavings in decorative handmade box. These resins work perfectly in the Floracopeia Electric Incense Burner.


This black and gold ceramic Incense Burner is very easy to use and assemble and comes to you beautifully packaged. The Electric Incense Burner adds a whole new dimension to the ancient art of incense aromatics. While previously you would have needed to ignite a charcoal, this practical device allows you to enjoy your resins, agarwood, and other aromatic woods with ease and enjoyment. Unlike a charcoal, which burns hot, the Electric Incense Burner has a temperature control dial so you choose how hot you would like to burn your precious incenses. What this means for you is that you can prolong the burn time of a tear of frankincense or your piece of palo santo. Lower burn temperatures equates to very little smoke and no scorching.
















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