Naughty Children, did you overindulge?

Madame Doktor Belladonna chides us just a bit during this week between Mardi Gras and St. Paddy's Day.

Hallo, za friends of zee HAALo. Zis ees za Madame Doktor Belladonna coming to you on za day after za Mardi Gras. Anywhays, you can tell I’m za little bit sick with de sinus infection, but I got za vary nice herbs from zee Benjah and they are helping much but, you know, it takes a little bit of time for it to work through za zystem.

Anyhow, we’re writing zis month all about za liver, and we do know zees month zhat za Saint Paddy’s Day is coming, and so… well, zhey wanted me to talk about how to make it a nicer day za day afterwards, but I don’t know! After what I saw of za Mardi Gras, maybe you don’t deserve za good tips about it.

Adults, you should know better! But, anyways, zhey making me talk about it, so I’ll give you zome tips… maybe.

Anyhow, so, before za day, maybe you should always take your vitamins anyhow, and drink za lots of waters to stay very hydrate. Zis is za good habits all za time.

And also maybe some milk thistles if you are za super overindulgent kind of person and just have no controls when you’re at za Ol’ Republic and you have one beer wit za friends and zhen suddenly some other friends come and zhey say, “hey! I got you another beer!” and you’re like, “oh, no! I just has za one beer.” And zhey breeng it to you and zhen all of a sudden it’s a empty one and another one comes. It’s like za magic or something. And zhen you wake up za next morning and its a very, very bad day.

Well, you can take za milk thistles, maybe za day before, and it helps support za poor liver who’s doing all zhis work for you because you are za misbehave – on za Lent, I zhink also.

But, anyway, afterwards, you can have za fennel and ginger tea if you like, and also what really helps is za bitters. Zhey call it bitter because you’re bitter zhat you’re so hung over. Zhou can has zhat in za home club soda and za gingerales.

And zhen, maybe some Sierra Berry Vitamin C can be a nice zhupport for za body since you are ravaging it With your drinking of za adult beverages.

And then later when za cookies are no longer tossing around, zhen I highly recommend za bacon and za eggs. Or anything at Ike’s. Because it’s the delicious.

And zhat should do it. But, adults, truly, don’t do it!

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