Sagebrush: A Flower Essence Remedy for Sweeping Through Clutter

by Brooke Sullivan, Herbalist and Flower Essence Clinician

Autumn is a perfect time of transition to sweep away the excess and unnecessary, inside of us and out. Throughout the very active spring and summer seasons, little piles can collect in drawers, closets and on floors turning from pile to mess until it just becomes a nameless mass of clutter. Although "Spring Cleaning" is a more popular term than "Fall Cleaning," that never stopped the grandmothers, our ancestral wise ones. So for positive shifts in your world, whether things have built up at work or at home, or even for internal messes (cobwebs of self doubt, distraction and confusion) we can begin to tune in and grab a broom for an easier ride, come winter.

Sagebrush-flower essence

Sagebrush flower essence is a great remedy for clearing the past and clutter in order to step more fully into what matters. Whether it is those little piles of messes around the home (Sagebrush with Rabbitbrush Flower Essence makes a great combo for this!) or confused thoughts in the mind, this remedy is a beautiful plant for assisting that cleanse.



Taking the time now to create and integrate the space needed for personal coziness and mental clarity will allow more room for prana (light, solar force, vital energy) when the days get shorter and the nights grow longer.

Also for life purpose and relationships, Sagebrush helps when the path of our life seems split, as if in conflict. Ever get the feeling that you are stretched in too many directions? Perhaps one or two of the paths does not feed the heart and yet it is hard to choose if it is time or what to let go of??



Sagebrush with Wild Oats Flower Essence is a nice combo specifically for clearing life path (dharma), but Sagebrush even by itself helps to clarify (from the mind and habit patterns) which path to continue, which relationships to hold onto, what needs more integration and what needs to be released.

In this beautiful short life, we crave happiness and excellence. Let’s bring in this fall with the intention of clarity and a life more aligned with our wishes and desires, so that when winter comes we can hibernate, nourish, and gather the energy needed for our renewal and birthing in the new year.


Brooke Sullivan, BA, e-RYT 500 is a Yoga and Herbal Therapist at HAALo. She runs seasonal yoga/herbal apprenticeships called The Sage Apprenticeship (one in Fall, one in Spring, located at the California College of Ayurveda), and teaches classes locally at Kinfolk and Grass Valley Yoga. Come visit Brooke on Thursdays at HAALo, to chat over some tea, or to schedule a private session with her to deepen your connection to the plants, yoga, meditation and yourSelf.

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  1. Wow! I am sooo happy to read this.
    We have scheduled a day, next Monday, October 6, to close for a day of cleaning, painting and readying… J. J. Jackson’s is normally only closed two days a year so it makes it really difficult to pull off those tasks. It simply felt right to do it now.
    Could you suggest some sage treatment for our cleaning day to bring clarity of purpose, prosperity and love for our shop?
    Thank you,
    P.S. I will share your article when we post to facebook about our closing for a day to clean!