Candis Cantin

Candis Cantin

Candis Cantin applies the principles and practices of Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Western Herbalism with therapies to balance the constitution using foods and herbs that will address the modern Western Lifestyle.

Her specialty is providing consultation and assessment of health imbalances, custom blended herbal formulas, flower essence blends, and dietary and lifestyle suggestions to augment the above therapies. There is also ongoing support to help the client move towards greater wellbeing.

For 25 years, Candis has created a beautiful herb garden, herb school and retreat facilities in the Foothills outside of Placerville. For 18 years she has written the herb column for the Sacramento Co-op and has taught classes there as well.

Candis is the author of two books: The Pocket Guide to Ayurvedic Healing and The Spirit of Herbs.

She also has created a comprehensive correspondence course which consists of 600-page course packs, 7 audio tapes and herbal samples.

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