Cassidy Beyond

Cassidy is a peak performance coach, educator and author who inspires and empowers people to live the fullest expression of their highest potential.

With over a decade in the health and fitness industry, and real life one-on-one coaching successes, Cassidy’s view of fitness is radically different and much more personal. He appreciates and shares with clients and crowds that the true meaning of fitness is how well you adapt, and it goes well beyond physique, movement ability, and how well your organs function. Your level of fitness is also measured by your happiness, your ability to deal with stressful events, your relationships, your career, and how well you are living your soul’s purpose. Fitness is not just for people that love to exercise. True fitness is for everyone, everyday, and every situation.

Cassidy meets with clients on a one-on-one basis. His sessions are available in person or over the phone. For more information, contact him through his website, Beyond Mind Body.