Kathi Keville

Kathi Keville

Kathi Keville has been cultivating herbs commercially for 40 years. The diversity of markets she has sold to include: dried floral industry, you-pick fresh herbs, tea manufacturers, and nursery plants, as well as fresh material for both medicine and cosmetic makers, restaurants, and culinary chef services.

She has taught commercial herb cultivation and value-added seminars to farmers wishing to convert to herb crops at UC Davis, Sierra County Agricultural Extension, and the Eco-Farm Conference. She has also taught throughout North America and in Europe.

Her 14 books—published in nine countries and translated into eight languages— include Herbs: A Guide to Growing and The Illustrated Herb Encyclopedia, covering cultivation of 150 herbs.

Kathi now maintains a 250-species herb garden that provides materials to make herbal body care products and tinctures for her company, Oak Valley Herb Farm.

She was a founding member of United Plant Savers, The American Herbalist Guild, and is an honorary member of the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy.

For more information about local classes, herb tours and her radio show on KVMR, visit her website at www.ahaherb.com.