Larry Hierman

Larry Hierman

I love to be outdoors playing in my veggie garden and I enjoy back-country skiing and bicycling. I try to live lightly so that our grandchildren’s children can still experience the blessings the Earth has to offer.

My wife says that my Bowenwork is love made manifest. I’m glad she feels that way. We had our 26th anniversary this year and have 2 teenage daughters.

My interest in natural health began in the late 70’s and I have made a study of healthful living since that time. I worked in some of the local natural foods stores for many years, most recently at Natural Selection, where I was the supplement advisor for 9 years. When my career in the Natural Products industry ended during the economic collapse, I made ends meet using my skills as a fix-it man while I slowly found my way to the study of Bowenwork.

My practice brings me full circle, connecting my desire to make things work, my long love of natural healing and my need to be of service to other beings.

Larry Hierman is a Certified Professional Bowenwork Practitioner by the American Bowen Academy. His advanced studies were with Graham Pennington, Sean Wolfe and Nancy Pierson.