Scot Woodland

Following a lifetime of epic adventures in human and wilderness cultures, Scot Woodland brings his passion for life and exploration to the 4EEE team. His extensive background in naturalist studies, animal and human tracking, wilderness living skills, disaster preparedness, organic agriculture, and masonry combine with a love for connecting with people and environment through storytelling, music, and inquiry.

Tracking is one of his major skill sets that he loves to share with students. For him, tracking is all about cultivating awareness -- employing the arts of observation, intuition and questioning to reveal the great mystery of nature in all its forms. Scot trained in tracking through many organizations, including: the Tracker School, Universal Tracking services, and Fernando Moriera’s Professional Tracking program. He is a certified level 3 tracker with the Cyber tracker program, and has been a leader on Nevada County’s Search and Rescue tracking team.

Currently, Scot teaches youth and families through 4EEE's Fox Walker program.