Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine's day is right around the corner and HAALo has plenty of gifts for you or your loved ones to live a happy, healthy life.


Violette's Whisker's Elixirs Love Potion $20: Elske Means Love. Just 4 drops of this potion and your heart will be full of love and wanting more! Read about it here!
Locally Made Tea Mugs $39: We're carrying mugs made by local artisans. These detailed ceramic mugs are perfect for your morning tea.
Heart Shaped Bee's Wax Candles $1.50: Tiny and cute these little candles smell like heaven!
Artemisia Botanical Co. Cocoa Love Goddess Schmear $12-20: Be the goddess you are! This schmear smells of chocolate and so will you all day long!


HAALo's Ero-Tea-Qu Tea Blend $10: Get down with silky rose petals and sultry cinnamon. This tea is bound to be a hit on Valentine's Day.
HAALo's Lover's Tea Blend $10: Fall in love with lily bulb, hibiscus flowers, pink and red rose petals as they dance around in your tea mug. 
Harvesting Vitality's Love Buzz Herbal Honey Elixir $22: This honey is a warming aphrodisiac blend, add to your favorite HAALo tea blend or take it straight.
Blossoming Heart Botanicals' Love Potion #10 Elixir $20: Open your heart to all the love around you with just 3 drops.


Skin Dharma's Gentle Rose Oil $38: Be the queen you are, uplift your spirit and maintain confidence with this oil.
Blue Poppy Externals' Nourishing Yin Oil $15: This nourishing oil will be the yin to your yang this Valentine's Day.
Sunlight Botanicals' Hibiscus Yoni Oil $20: Soothe and repair your yoni while hibiscus promotes qualities of feminine warmth and sexual responsiveness.
Madame Doktor Belladonna's French Kiss Old-Timey Lip Balm $4: Oo La La, lavender and cocoa will soften your lips and make you want to pucker up!

Check out all these gifts and more! Stop into HAALo and ask any of our herbalists to help find you the perfect gift!

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