We asked our Herbalists: Are you a sugar junkie? How do you deal with sugar cravings and/or what sweet treats do you reach for?


Yes! I notice that my sugar cravings can sometimes come up when I am stressed, so exercise, meditation and yoga can sometimes help me. I love Medjool Dates stuffed with chevre, apples, fruit. And honestly, I love cookies. —Kristen

I usually get sugar cravings in the late afternoon when I will sometimes reach for a sweetened cup of tea to keep me going. Usually it means my blood sugar levels have dipped, and protein at each meal helps stabilize this. —Jahwei

I am a reformed sugar junkie…. The big tricks have been balancing blood sugar through nutrition (eating enough protein and fat). Pro tip: chromium is awesome for sugar cravings. Also: dark chocolate…. Also — eating sugar with fat! And if I’m going all out: almond meal bacon-maple-chocolate chip cookies. —Alanna

I’m not really a junkie: I add more protein when I do have cravings. A piece of chocolate usually does the trick, and I move on. —MJ

Herbal/nut-butter balls! I mix together nut butter (protein), nourishing herbs (nettle powder, ashwaganda), molasses and elderberry syrup (nourishing sweets), and acorn flour if I have it handy! —Rachel

I LOVE chocolate — the darkest I can get. I find that if there is even a desire for sugar, I can eat a tiny bit of that and it is enough for me. —Catie

Chewing on neem sticks helps my sugar cravings. Also when I crave sugar, I go make a cup of tea!! —Benjah


I like bergamot essential oil for helping me reduce the impulse to reach for sweets, but long-term sugar cravings tell me that I need more wholesome foods (especially protein!). —Stephanie

For many years I ate chocolate every night. It took a few weeks of cleansing my body from sugar to let go of this need. Now I am not much of a sugar junkie. Small amounts of sugar are sufficient for me. Pre-menstrually, I crave chocolate and I indulge (!) in small amounts of dark chocolate. I have no shame or issue with this J. —Amy

I eat a piece of Monkfruit Shell or the seed inside. Just a little bite seems to meet my tastebud needs. —Shea


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