herbal gift makingWinter Herbal Gift Making

Make your own herbal crafts for the holidays! In this class, you will learn to make 3 herbal gifts that are always appreciated in the winter months. Make your own lip balm, hand and foot salve for dry cracked skin, and Herbal Vinegar Fire Cider, a folk remedy tonic known to be helpful for preventing sickness. This is a hands on class, so come prepared to be productive and have fun!

We would like to pull all of the items together for you and you will pay a materials fee of $10.00 at the day of the class.

Instructor ~ Amy Branum

Amy Branum is an herbalist, ayurvedic practitioner, flower essence therapist, and mother. She has a deep passion for plants, their medicine, and the amazing transformations they can inspire in people. Helping people to heal and teaching this work is her passion. Since she first began working with herbs 14 years ago, she has been able to do nothing else.

Amy graduated in 2002 from the University of North Carolina–Asheville with a degree in Biology and focus on Botany. Before graduating college, she began her studies with herbs and flower essences. She originally studied herbs at the Appalachia School of Holistic Herbalism, and has continued her education throughout the years with professional conferences and workshops. She has most recently graduated from the California College of Ayurveda as a certified Ayurvedic practitioner and is a professional member of the National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA).

Before moving to California, Amy worked in Asheville, North Carolina as a teacher, resident Clinical Herbalist, and in the administration at the Appalachia School of Holistic Herbalism. She is also a founding board member of the North Carolina chapter of United Plant Savers. For 3 years, Amy organized and led the Wellness Center at the Southeastern Women’s Herbal Conference, providing first aid and wellness assistance to 600 participants. Her body care company, Boutique Botanika, formerly Savoir, has provided herbal remedies to people all over the country for the past 8 years. She has recently contributed her Honey Face Mask recipe in The Herbal Bath and Body Care Book by Heather Lee Houdek.

Currently, Amy is creating and sharing her Boutique Botanika products with the world. Through her business, Lasya Ayurveda, Amy is teaching an Herbal Apprenticeship from her home in Nevada City and working to help clients of all ages to achieve their fullest potential of happiness and well being with herbs, flower essences, diet and lifestyle.