Zee Sweetness of Zee Life

Hallo, everyone, it’s zee Madame Doktor Belladonna. It’s almost zee time of zee Love Days, and so we’d like to talk about zee sveetness of life… well, I don't know, is it sweet? You tell me. Maybe… maybe it’s not.

But maybe, you know, if my lover was listening and he knew zhat we had zee new product of zee Hot Cocoa wis Benefits and I received such a gift and maybe he could also has zee benefits… maybe.

Then, of course, because maybe because my lips get a little chapped, maybe ze lip balms, especially zee Plant Medicine one eez my favorite. Smells so nice, so silky smooooth… vary nice.

And then maybe also – Oh! Zee honeys! With zee breathe one! because many times especially, you can tell, I have zee stuffy face right now, and zhen maybe I will be not so stuffy and breathe so heavy on you, unless, of course, zat’s what you want and zhen maybe… well, we talk later…

And then also we have zee news about zee Lady Shea, whose we all love. She of course iz going to have zee back surgery vary soon. And so someone haz to be zee Queen Bee and so I elect myself because I zhink I probably do a vary good job, right? Who else could be zee boss of zhings when Shea iz gone.

And then when she comes back we can challenge me to zee duel to zee death for the leadership of zee HAALo.

And I thinks dat’s all. We haz de great interview wiz zee Crispian about zee honey bee wax that’s so dark and zee light one, it looks so yummy dat you can eat, but he says don’t do it. Adults, don’t do it.

Okay, zhat’s all I have for to saying, and we hope you have lovely springtimes and we get more rains and more snows. I order it! ~MDB

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